Mauricio Kalil




DJ for more than 25 years, Mauricio Kalil is a house music lover.
Inspired by amazing djs, he learned how to dj watching a lot of great brazilian DJs
Got his fisrt equipament in 1991 – the most amateur turntable available – and practice a lot, was the best schoo he could ever get.
Started playing at his friend’s garage parties with two more djs, with rented equipaments. Kept the garage parties until the end of high school.
After meeting some profssional Djs, Mauricio Kalil started to play in clubs next to his home. Played at big clubs in Sao Paulo and other major cities in Brazil.
Played on radio station on Brazil and around the world, Mauricio is a radio enthusiastic.
Latest big event was a gig to over 8000 people on Campus Party – Brazil on 2017 July.


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